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my truth about robin williams by Leigh Ann Smith

Originally posted on food.freedom.falling:

It’s been a couple days since my dad sent me a text message letting me know that Robin Williams had committed suicide. The moment brought on a surge of real, strong emotions that insisted I do nothing but feel them. I was soon tempted to hop on social media and join the conversation, but a big part of me felt terrified to do so. As someone who has lived a lot of her life fearing what other people think, being vulnerable and honest on the internet is particularly daunting. Lately it seems that no one is free to express his or her own voice, no matter how well intended, without being reprimanded or admonished by another. Take the ALS ice bucket challenge, for instance– so many people attempting to draw attention to something they might not have otherwise even known was a real problem, only to be met with articles coming out…

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